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IuteGroup continues its journey to serve more and more customers profitably. We create an extraordinary experience with loan and payment solutions and with the human interaction we provide with our team of customer advisors. The Group’s consolidated balance sheet grew by 22 million EUR (7%) to 321 million EUR in Q3 alone. The number of performing loan customers superseded 173,000 and the total of wallet customers crossed 83,000 thousand by the end of September 2022. In the first nine months of 2022, all our customers not only paid us more than 64 million EUR for our loan and payment services on a consolidated basis, but our business is also more than sufficiently profitable. We achieved profitable growth in both of our two businesses, IuteCredit and Energbank.

Our long-term sums up to 34 terabytes of data from a total of 1 million customers, which we are not yet fully exploiting, not yet issuing every loan digitally in an instant, and most of our customers’ payments are processed in a slow banking clearance system. At the same time, the demand for faster and more comfortable financial services is growing and people are willing to pay for these services. Our focus is on creating the extraordinary experience within the existing regulatory framework and banking ecosystem, without the risks and escalating costs of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. For most people, the slight push towards digital onboarding, digital signatures, strong data processing capability and analytics, virtual accounts within the Iute ecosystem, and cardless ATMs is all it takes. The MyIute App alone has been cumulatively downloaded more than 390,000 times in the short time since its release.

Tarmo Sild
CEO of IuteCredit Group


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