The future of personal finance will be based on instants and installments. It’s no secret that, throughout history, writing on paper has served humankind well, enabling long-term, big value transactions to take place.

As a very abstract example, paper has been used to make states, print money, create mortgages, purchase horses, cars and another large items in individual life. However, humankind is moving away from paper transactions towards faster, shorter-term, incremental deals, along with the development of technology that enables it. Our consumption is split into smaller and smaller units. A thing or service can be measured, offered and consumed in minutes and sometimes, seconds. Full ownership is no longer a precondition to consumption. Qualities of services and things can be configured down to very fine detail while maintaining business scalability.

The subscription/pay-as-you-go economy will continue expand. We foresee a future in which it is common to spend a regular monthly income by splitting it between various regular, scheduled payments for goods and services that improve quality of life during the agreed timeframe. Some of these payments will be credit repayments. The trick is to make the installments very easy to execute, turning them into a seamless part of everyday life. Another trick is to make the flow of money as seamless, instant and natural, as is a conversation between two humans.

An extraordinary experience

Iute’s mission is to offer its customers extraordinary experience in the field of personal finance. Extraordinary means the fastest and most comfortable service. Customers can enjoy a wallet that offers an instant flow of money according to their wish, and they can access individual credit and split their consumption into installments. Finally, extraordinary means human interaction. We believe that robots and fintech solutions are good, but not the final answer to questions related to personal wellbeing. Nothing can replace the sincerity of a smile and the attention of another human being.

As a Group, we aim to serve millions of customers and that means that we constantly strive to attract the best talent, implement the latest technology, and develop the most cohesive organization — to bring out the best in each individual team member. Money is the outcome of the right actions. We as a team enjoy pursuing the right actions and overcoming the challenges before us.

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Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

We foster sustainable digital practices to reduce environmental impacts

Iute Group has defined its main contribution to reducing environmental impacts in digitalization and the increasing use of digital channels that reduce the paper print but also the unnecessary footprint of our 1,000,000+ customer pool.