Our mission is to create an extraordinary experience in personal finance by exceeding customers’ expectations.

While working towards our mission and goals, sustainability is becoming increasingly important. Iute Group is planning to start the ESG process in 2024 to define the most relevant sustainability issues to the Group and the impact of its activities and responsibility towards customers, regulators, shareholders, employees, business partners, and communities in which we operate. The Group plans to initiate a strategic ESG program with defined priorities, targets, and measurable goals. The C-level management has the overall responsibility for the implementation of the Group’s ESG policy.

So far, Iute Group has defined its main contribution to reducing environmental impacts in digitalization and the increasing use of digital channels that reduce the paper print but also the unnecessary footprint of our 1,000,000+ customer pool.

Iute has also selected key topics from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals where we see Iute Group can make the biggest impact.

We want to take care of the communities where we operate and be active citizens.

Our contribution to achieving Sustainable development goal

The Group prioritizes the health and safety of its employees, offering private health insurance and benefits for family members in select subsidiaries. Recognizing gaps in local healthcare systems, Iute invests in private health insurance to ensure the well-being of employees and their families.

Iute emphasizes the importance of financial education and literacy for all members of society. The company actively supports customer education through its call center, providing over 4.1 million interactions in 2023 and various digital channels, and participates in programs to enhance financial literacy.

Iute recognizes the need for transformation in the financial sector and aims to lead this change by providing innovative digital solutions. The Group focuses on creating equal and universal access to financial services, particularly in underbanked markets.

Environmental Sustainability