The Group is committed to the highest standard of business ethics with a strong management board, clear management principles, and governance practices.

Iute Group has established a Whistleblowing Procedure for reporting irregularities. 

Employees are encouraged to report misconduct. Effective internal communication across the group is established. Corporate responsibility is steered through various policies, guidelines, and evaluation and feedback processes, such as the Management Book, whistleblowing channel, customer satisfaction surveys, annual team surveys, NPS, etc.

In the Group, there is a universal Code of Conduct stated in the Mission and Values document and Management Book, which embodies the mission and core values – the aim is to create an extraordinary experience in personal finance by being the fastest, most comfortable, and human, and other different policies and legal templates.

All organizations, especially financial institutions, face the risk of breach of legal or regulatory requirements or unethical conduct. A culture of openness is essential to prevent such situations and to address them appropriately when they occur.

Iute has set in place a group Whistleblowing Procedure and trained our employees to know what and how they should be reporting.

The Group has an Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy in place. All entities in the Group are committed to conducting business following all applicable laws, rules, and regulations and the highest ethical standards. The purpose of the Policy is to reiterate the Group’s commitment to full compliance by all its subsidiaries and officers, directors, and employees with any anti-bribery or anti-corruption laws that may be applicable in the country where the Group is engaged in business activity.

The Group also has in place Insider Information Rules for the retention and disclosure of inside information and for making transactions on the basis of the inside information. This protects the interests of the investors and ensures the fair and honest trading of bonds. The rules are intended for all Management Board and Supervisory Board members and employees of the group companies, as well as for any other physical and legal persons who might be exposed to inside information.

The Group communicates with shareholders through the Annual, Interim, and Half-Year Reports, press releases, the Group’s website, and social media channels. In addition, the Group engages with shareholders through earnings calls and investor meetings.