Sustainable digital practices to reduce environmental impacts

We encourage our customers to embrace digital services, minimizing unnecessary paperwork and reducing paper consumption. Utilizing digital channels and signatures is a core part of our commitment to sustainability.

Introducing the MyIute App in 2020 marked a significant milestone, with nearly half a million users as at 31 December 2023 benefiting from the app across all our countries. The app allows customers to digitally sign agreements, contributing to our sustainable practices.

Kill the paper

In 2023, out of 323,235 loan agreements, 284,311 were digitally signed using the MyIute app, minimizing the need for printed loan agreements and supporting documentation. This translates to saving approximately 2.6 million A4 sheets of paper, equivalent to around 13,000 tons of paper and a reduction of 12,000 tons of CO2e.

13,000 kg

of paper

Kill the plastic

Our ATM network, comprising 71 ATMs accessible with the MyIute app and without the need for plastic cards, illustrates our commitment to reducing plastic waste. By bypassing the use of plastic cards issued by global platforms, we contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Kill unnecessary traffic and CO2

In 2023, 284,311 loan agreements were digitally signed, sparing customers from approximately 284,311 physical journeys previously necessary for documentation submission and agreement signings. The estimated average customer journey associated with traditional paper loan agreements is 5 km, resulting in digital solutions saving at least 1.4 M km of journeys. Our sustainable practices benefit the environment and enhance customer convenience and efficiency.

12,000 kg

of CO2-eq

Social Sustainability