Iute’s payment services vary from country to country between full-range solutions provided as a bank, and partial solutions subject to the license issued in any given country.

Our core loan products are unsecured instalment loans and buy-now-pay-later loans with maturities between 3 months and 48 months and pledge secured loans with maturities of up to 72 months. Loans are handled via established partners network (such as shops, money transfer companies, and postal agencies), web portals, and other online channels, as well as Iute branches (retail offices).

We operate our own ATM network that is accessible with the MyIute app.

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

We foster sustainable digital practices to reduce environmental impacts

Iute Group has defined its main contribution to reducing environmental impacts in digitalization and the increasing use of digital channels that reduce the paper print but also the unnecessary footprint of our 1,000,000+ customer pool.