Good health and well-being

Country-based activities

IuteCredit Albania

In 2023, Iute proudly welcomed Luiza Gega, the fastest woman in Europe, as our newest brand ambassador in Albania. With remarkable middle- and long-distance running achievements, including a gold medal in 2022, Luiza exemplifies dedication, perseverance, and athleticism. This partnership celebrates the synergy between Luiza’s speed on the track and Iute’s commitment to offering the fastest fintech features through our MyIute app.

IuteCredit Albania sponsored the Tirana Cross Country Run for Youth, promoting physical fitness and fostering community spirit among over 300 young participants from 20 schools. With the support of ICA, the event, held in Tirana’s Lake Park, was well-equipped and organized. Iute also sponsored the Tirana Marathon 2023, with 4,700 participants from 47 countries. Iute’s brand ambassador Luiza Gega, won the 21 km race.

Our Albanian team actively participated in the Albanian Red Cross initiative to support children suffering from thalassemia, an inherited blood disorder requiring regular transfusions. In collaboration with the Albanian Red Cross, 15 out of 18 team members qualified to donate blood, marking the third consecutive year of the subsidiary’s involvement in this life-saving humanitarian effort.

IuteCredit Macedonia

For three consecutive years, IuteCredit Macedonia has been a partner and supporter of youth sports, collaborating with the “Handball for Every Child” project. Through this initiative, Iute has positively impacted over 1,000 children annually, providing opportunities for participation in tournaments and handball camps across various cities. The project’s core objective is to integrate as many children as possible into sports, fostering healthy lifestyle habits and ensuring inclusivity for those with limited access and resources.

In alignment with the global breast cancer awareness campaign, IuteCredit Macedonia organized free check-ups and screenings for all female colleagues, with 19 actively participating. Additionally, the company demonstrated a commitment to community well-being, with 26 employees partaking in the Wiz Air Skopje Marathon. In cooperation with the Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia, 24 Iute employees donated blood during a charity blood donation campaign.

Quality education

Country-based activities

IuteCredit Albania

Iute’s Albanian subsidiary is actively collaborating with SDA Albania by Protik to sponsor coding scholarships in underdeveloped areas across the country. The initiative aims to empower youth with the skills needed for successful careers in the tech industry. Over 30 coding and Java training courses have been sponsored in Dibër, Peshkopi, and Shkodër, fostering a talented pool of IT professionals to contribute to Albania’s technology sector.

The company has already supported over 50 coding and programmin