50,000 EUR to Estonian healthcare workers: IuteCredit makes a donation to citizens’ initiative PAI

IuteCredit is honoured to support Estonian citizens’ initiative PAI (Caress) with 50,000 euros to express the gratitude for healthcare workers during the pandemic time.

“The decision to donate didn’t require a long consideration,” said Tarmo Sild, the Chief Executive Officer of IuteCredit. “This coronavirus is no stranger to our company. We have about 400 employees in six countries, a third of whom have already been ill. IuteCredit has 50 people in the head office in Estonia – there comes the math for the amount donated,” said Sild and added that it’s a great idea to thank and help those who work hard on the front line. 

This crisis is an alarm clock that shows very sharply the extent of the shortage of nurses and caregivers in the Estonian health care system. That is why the initiative aims to draw the public’s and state leaders attention to the need to improve the working conditions of healthcare workers and increase their income. 

Luckily, IuteCredit is not the only one donating for this thankworthy initiative. The total sum of donations is already almost 280, 000 euros, including both companies and individuals. The donations will be converted into gift cards, which nurses and carers can use in tourism, culture, and entertainment companies all over Estonia.