IuteCredit Moldova helped 60 Cahul families in need

On the eve of the Easter holidays, celebrated in the beginning of May in Moldova, the IuteCredit team mobilized itself and helped 60 families in need in the city of Cahul in southern Moldova.

Little things make big things happen – this message motivated the entire IuteCredit Moldova team on the eve of the Easter holiday to help the families from Cahul. In collaboration with the NGO Diaconia, the team members prepared 60 packages full of goods for each family, participating in the largest national project “Joy’s Table” to support people in need. 

Our team was involved in the entire process, from packing the goods to delivery and communication with the families. In the packages, the team members chose to put basic necessities but also dishes intended for the Easter table, for example, the traditional Easter cake “Cozonac”. After the preparation, the arrangement of the boxes, and the packages, our IuteCredit team took a trip to these families. There were a lot of emotions from the team members as well as from the beneficiaries.

“The first thing that impressed me was the attitude of the local church toward needy and problematic families. The priest knew the history of each family we went to and not superficially – not merely his first or last name, but his full story. Also, the help that the church offers is not only material but also moral, giving advice even on employment matters. To me, they have become a true example of how a true church should be.” – Nadejda Crucescu, Debt Adviser. 

“From this experience, I extended my own limits. I was greatly encouraged by the attitude and willingness of the parents in the families I visited. Even if it’s difficult for them, they stay close to their children. Definitely, they don’t want to leave them and entrust the education of their children to anyone and they fight to have at least the most important necessities for them. When I came home, I thought a lot about this trip, thinking about human beings and our lives. I’m proud that we mobilized the team and we succeeded with everything.” – Crina Gonta, Marketing Specialist.