IuteCredit: Statement regarding the litigation between former EnergBank shareholders and National Bank of Moldova

The legal dispute between the National Bank of Moldova and certain ex-shareholders of EnergBank does not affect Iute’s 96% Energbank ownership, Energbank’s operations, or Iute’s obligations to any third party.

Iute Group acquired all its Energbank shares during 2022 through the Moldovan Stock Exchange at the prevailing market price. Iute Group has not acquired shares from the ex-shareholders and does not have any legal relationship, contractual or otherwise, with the ex-shareholders. Iute Group has not acquired any shares which have been cancelled by the National Bank of Moldova decision in 2019.

Iute Group is a fintech company established in 2008 in Estonia. The Group specializes in consumer finance, payment services, banking, and insurance products. It serves customers in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Moldova, and North Macedonia. Iute Group finances its loan portfolios with equity, deposits, and secured bonds on the Regulated Market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq Baltic Main List.