Iute Group received the recognition of “Supporter of defenders of the state”

Iute Group received the recognition of “Supporter of defenders of the state”

This week, Iute Group was awarded a silver-level recognition for its outstanding contribution to national defence.

The “Supporter of defenders of the state” recognition is intended for Estonian companies, employers, and organizations that have made a significant contribution to national defence and support the participation of reservists in training assemblies.

“Estonian security is based on a strong society and everyone’s contribution, and supporting a working state defender is just one way to increase our country’s security as an organization,” said Allar Niinepuu, co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Iute Group, who was handed over the award at a recognition event held at Lillepaviljon. Iute Group team members in Estonia are provided with additional paid leave for the duration of the Estonian Defence Forces reservist training.

“Reservists are our main force and they are growing stronger. Last year, more than 23,000 Estonian men and women participated in the reserve training assemblies. It is a loyal and discouraging force. However, the reserve force isn’t just the reservists; it also needs backup. A strong main force needs strong support. For our reservists to be able to devote themselves to national defense duties, they must be assured that work will not pile up during this time and that the needs of the family are not neglected,” stated Alar Karis, the President of the Republic of Estonia.

This year, nearly 400 companies were evaluated for their contributions to Estonia’s national defence in the award competition, which was held for the second time. Companies that continue to pay their reservist employees during training received bronze-level awards. Those that maintained salaries and provided additional benefits or incentives to reservist employees, earned silver, gold, and special recognitions. In total, 351 defenders’ supporters were recognized this year, including 113 Estonian companies and organizations that received special recognition, as well as silver or gold-level awards. Nearly 240 companies received bronze-level recognition.

The “Supporter of defenders of the state” recognition is an official commendation of the Ministry of Defence, as outlined in the ministry’s regulations.