Whistleblowing at Iute

Iute Group has established a Whistleblowing Procedure for reporting irregularities. Whistleblowing means the reporting of misconduct and/or information or reasonable suspicions about actual or potential breaches, and about attempts to conceal breaches within Iute. We have provided our employees with guidance on how to report those concerns and information. In addition, we have also enabled such reporting for our external stakeholders.

Iute is committed to conducting business in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, with honesty and integrity. All Iute employees are expected to maintain high standards in accordance with Iute’s policies, procedures, and ethics.

What should be reported?

If you suspect any misconduct and/or breach, irregularities, or similar within Iute, it’s important that this is being reported. This includes potential or actual irregularities or failures to comply with external and internal rules or regulations, such as fraud, bribery and corruption, discrimination, harassment, unethical misconduct, etc.

The report should be made if you have a reasonable belief that misconduct and/or breach has occurred. Please note that customer complaints or issues related to personal dispute should not be reported through our Whistleblowing Procedure.

How to submit the report?

Report your information on potential or actual breaches and misconduct in a free form to the dedicated Whistleblowing address, adding your name and contact information. Write as much detailed information as possible.




Your report will be securely handled

All reports will be handled with strict confidentiality. Any reported information will remain confidential between the person who reports it and the relevant persons who have access to the reports under the Whistleblowing Procedure. The identity of the reporting person will also remain confidential.

Whistleblowing address is accessed by the Group Internal Auditor, Group Chief Legal and Compliance Officer, and Group Chief Executive Officer. Depending on the nature of the Whistleblowing case, the information reported may be disclosed to the representative(s) of the Management Board in order to undertake/decide on appropriate actions as a result of the Whistleblowing case.